Loud & Clear for Media’s Loud & Clear technology provides highly accurate transcripts across many different languages for the US, Europe and Asia regions. Using our customized approach, we are able to train our platform to increase accuracy for your specific project or client. Then, by clicking a button in Relativity, we process your audio or video and deliver the transcripts back to the workspace automatically, with speaker separation, for easy review using our built-in media player.


Automated Translation

Automated Translation translates both the extracted text and popular native files (Word, Excel, PDF, PPTX, EML, TXT) and returns translated native files, while retaining the document's original format. This approach makes it much easier to read the translated native documents in their original format, instead of trying to read plain text with no user-friendly formatting.



Using a hybrid approach of both machine and human transcription, CourtSide creates 100% accurate and formatted transcripts for court rooms or depositions. CourtSide utilizes multi channel audio to create machine transcripts with accurate speaker identification. Then, a qualified transcriptionist logs into Relativity and edits the machine transcript online for 100% accurate transcripts. Transcripts can then be stored, reviewed and searched in Relativity or also printed and sent to the client.