Audio Recognition

Our proprietary platform ingests and processes your audio surveillance in near real-time using our Loud & Clear technology. The result is accurate transcripts driven to your existing surveillance tools — like Relativity — which will notify your Compliance officer within minutes and allow them to resolve events faster than ever before.

Deploy on premise or in the Cloud

To meet your security requirements, Authenticity is a flexible platform that can process your audio, wherever required. And for your challenging audio, Authenticity provides extensive training and customization of our audio engines on premise or in the cloud as well. We work where you need us. 

Languages and Accents

Your organization speaks many languages, so do we. Our platform provides extensive support for over 100 languages and dozens of accents. New York, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Sydney or Mumbai...we have you covered.

Workflow tool choices

The transcript data from our Loud & Clear technology can be utilized in our IDENTIFY platform, or sent to your existing workflow tools like Relativity.