Every customer interaction. One location.

CX™ powered by transforms customer interactions into rich management information efficiently, this creates opportunities to maximize the number of customers by increasing sales and reducing costs.


Contact center and CX managers are aware of the value of interactions with customers. However, many are challenged with the ability to get actionable information from all the data stored in their recorded calls and omni channel communications. Insufficient capacity to verify sales compliance and track customer satisfaction is very time-consuming, and often leads to increased costs and poor service quality. 


CX™ by fully automates the process of monitoring every call and every customer interaction. Now supervisors can quickly search for customer interactions based on flexible criteria, such as: topics, sentiment, emotion; long intervals of silence; and compliance keywords. This helps to narrow down the scope from thousands of communications down to the handful requiring attention.

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Visual Analytics with A.I.

Track customer sentiment – See how happy your customers are with your brand from a survey or their last phone call with your company. 

Topic Extraction – Easily see the top topics your customers are talking about from yesterday, last week or last month. Get alerted to growing trends and topics of your customers quickly and efficiently.

Agent Performance – Track agent performance and identify the top performers based on customer sentiment, call duration and compliance.


Emotion and Silence Tracking

Be alerted when calls become emotional or if there is long periods of silence, which leads to poor customer experiences 


Dashboards - Search and Review

Search, sort and review the most important customer calls by keywords, phrases, emotion, sentiment, topics, pause time and more