IDENTIFY Call Center Compliance

Authenticity provides an industry leading call center surveillance software solution to monitor agents and customer interactions. Based on high quality transcripts from our Audio Recognition Loud & Clear technology, IDENTIFY provides management dashboards, keyword compliance reporting and call emotion tracking. 

For supervisors and managers, we provide essential reports, which help them to monitor the quality of customer service and most common complaints. 

Call Emotion Tracking

We provide actionable data on the mood of customers in order to take the action for a variety of client emotions. Supervisors can quickly identify and address angry customer calls.

Language Translation for Compliance  Management

Authenticity can translate the audio transcripts in over 100 languages to enable Compliance teams to monitor and search in their preferred language. 

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Multi Language Support

Transcription and translation in over 100 languages


Emotion Tracking

Management can quickly find the angry calls first



Search and sort customer calls by keywords, phrases, emotion, pause time and more